PixelMai Blog is Closed

Hello Everyone! It’s been a long time since I posted here and I’d like to inform you that I’ll be closing this blog. But it is not over for PixelMai since I’ll be opening the portfolio site in a few weeks.

I’ll be keeping this website open so all of my content will still be available for me and to those who finds it interesting.

Thank you for everything.

PixelMai Blog was running from November 2008 – August 2012


A chance to paint after a few years arrived this past weekend, now the second time I tried painting. This is a school project of Huxley wherein he needs to create a poem and a painting. Obviously, he was the one who did the poem, while I took control with the brushes.

Lacking time, we didn’t have preparations like having a latex first coat, so the water-color was just too runny and absorbent. Nevertheless, considering his chosen topic, the uncontrollable nature of the watercolor paint was used to its extent. This illustration was done in less than one hour. Yes, that fast since I don’t think adding more details would have been possible.

Making this piece made me suddenly interested to try oil painting. I am hoping to be able to create some paintings soon.

The preview is quite bad in quality since it was taken from my cellphone.


On the last Saturday of July
Crossing the path of a certain persona
Possessing a mind-boggling strength to fly
Unquestionably spiced up a habitual agenda

Alluring eyes matched with evident prowess
Dainty pointy nose paired with direction
Full smile conveyed with breathtaking boldness
Lengthy mane, your crown of erudition

Heavy crimson words equaling lovely rubies
Never ceased to bewilder without exception
Shattering my false assumptions with ease
Admiration was just inevitably in motion

Something done for the Valentine Season for Huxley. A narration on how I started admiring him.