songbirdRogelio told me about the open source media player Songbird which is powered by Mozilla. Then I installed the application at my Ubuntu Desktop, since this player consumes a lot on the memory, my Windows would be crying with that. But in Ubuntu which I have no heavy applications running, my 2GB RAM maybe put to good use.

I had a lot of troubles on installing the application since I’m not that familiar with Ubuntu or any other Linux platforms; I was forced to use Ubuntu due to my thesis: WIO. But, I can say that Ubuntu ain’t bad. I quite like it myself, if I ever buy a laptop, my first choice for my operating system is Ubuntu.

I followed the tutorial here on how to install Songbird, but I had a lot of troubles on how to get eveything working, due to some small differences. But it really is a great tutorial, I have everything working now and happily listening to music. I’m currently in listening to a station in Shoutcast to for something new than the music in my hard drives.

My first opinion about Songbird after I saw the screenshot is that the its look and feel is similar to iTunes. But, I find Songbird easier to use rather than iTunes, which made me very happy. In iTunes when you place music into the library, it copies the whole MP3 to the app’s music folder, duplicating your music file to that music folder. Sure it may be useful sometimes, but I prefer to be the one organizing where my music go, which Songbird allows me to do. It just copies the information from the files and poof! The library is full. No duplicated files or anything.

The application’s user interface is great and it is really looking good. I was just frustrated that there is no option to minimize the application to the system tray; I hope that feature would be included someday. And the application will be better if they further lessen the memory usage of the application.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year to all of you!

4 thoughts on “Songbird

  1. Rogelio

    Songbird is really good, I agree with you, the UI is great. Simple but great.

    I’ve installed this app once and the features are awesome. You can browse the artists bio and news while listening to them and it’s great.

  2. Azreen

    Have an awesome new year! All the best for 2009!
    Songbird sounds really interesting, and I don’t really mind about not being able to minimize to the system tray. I wonder why Windows isn’t equipped to handle things like these — it really is a pity. I’ve never heard of Ubuntu. Yea, duplicating files is not something I like very much, especially when they get sorted into different artists due to collaborations and stuff.

  3. Noa

    Happy New Year!. . Nice one Charlotte. So, the song bird media player is really good?. Maybe someday i will also try that open source media player. But sad to say i have a small memory with my computer. .