Random Androgynous Face


Last night I was struck by the mood to draw, instead of programming I couldn’t help myself but to draw. I took out my Moleskine Sketchbook, pencils, eraser and started out on my third entry (on the Moleskine).

I’m currently into drawing realistic people. And I do feel I was able to have a big leap in this piece. I do feel the hair and eyes don’t seem that realistic yet, but I can improve with more practice. For me, the person on the drawing looks like a mature woman, most people are saying that the face looks like a guy, also one person stated that the face looks androgynous. What do you think?

Sorry for the bad quality of the preview. I just took this photo using a computer’s camera. I’ll change the picture after getting hold of a scanner.

20 thoughts on “Random Androgynous Face

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  2. tanchi

    hi there. stumbled upon your blog through topblogs.com…i see, you’re works are great, and good to know you’re an IT enthusiast too. i’m taking up IT too. :) anyway, goodluck.
    see you. :)

  3. Aelyn

    Nice! I can see it being more of a girl’s face than a guy’s. I really like it, you should do more like this. =D Hopefully, you can get it scanned so we can see it better.

  4. Haava

    Like I said, I might be a weirdo ;D.

    The Black Magician Trilogy is a book series. Totally marvelous one. I read it in may (twice) and I’m still obsessed with it.
    Anyway, your drawing matches Sonea’s description perfectly. I know, the portrait of a book character is subjective, but it was the first thing which came to my mind when I saw her.
    If I were you I wouldn’t look for images in the net, too many spoilers x_x. And the series is really worth reading ;) .

    1. Charlotte Post author

      Ohhh. I’ll keep that title in mind. Somehow I like stories with characters being able to use magic. Let’s just say I like a completely different world when reading/watching something. Hehehehe.

      Is it a popular book? Since popularity would greatly affect the price. Or I may buy one at book sales, if I do find one.

      1. Haava

        It is quite popular. The author is working on a sequel, so I guess you can say it is ;) .

        Here it costs just as much as any other book, so hopefully it will be the same in your country.

        And if you start reading it, don’t be discouraged by “The Magician’s Guild”. For me it’s been a little bit forseeable, but the further you get, the better it is :) .

        1. Charlotte Post author

          Hmmmmmn. I’ll try if I have some extra bucks, I’ll buy one. Or, if I find one on books sales. Though thanks for sharing the title, since I love stories involving magic.

  5. Haava

    In my opinion drawing on a tablet is easier than on a paper. I might be just a weirdo though.

    As for the piece itself, she reminds me of Sonea from The Black Magician Trilogy. Which is good ;) .
    I can’t see the details, but overall very nice work.

    1. Solo

      I disagree drawing with a piece of paper is still easier. Erasing mistakes on the computer is easier than on paper for sure.
      Most people who switch to using a tablet will find its a totally different tool all its own. Its a very unique monster.

    2. Charlotte Post author

      Hmmm, I find it the opposite for me, it really feels different. But I love the undo options and erasing is so clean.

      Is The Black Magician Trilogy a game? Sorry, since I don’t know her. I want to see the character though. :)

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    1. rogelio

      I agree with Solo. It’s different from the previous drawings that you’ve done. Bring your Moleskine this coming Sunday! wahahaha XD

      Great Work!